Straumann Soft Tissue Level Implant Platform

Discover why it’s the most widely used soft tissue level implant

Straumann’s tissue-level implants deliver ten years of long-term results1 and boast more than four million implants sold. The polished collar on tissue level implants is designed to help soft tissue management and complements a diverse range of prosthetic options for the temporary or final restoration. 

Two main restorative diameters:

Easy to place and restore

  • One instrument kit to place any Straumann dental implant – tissue level or bone level
  • One restorative kit for both tissue level and bone level prosthetic components – whether you’re doing a single tooth, multi-unit, or full arch reconstruction
  • Solid Abutment All-in-One set helps make restoring easy by packaging all compatible components for the final restoration– solid abutment, positioning cylinder, impression cap, analog, plastic coping, temporary coping – in a single kit
  • A streamlined prosthetic portfolio provides all the restorative options you need
  • There’s no simpler restoration than Straumann’s Solid Abutment
  • All final abutments torque into the implant at 35 Ncm
  • Engineered to enable easy and precise positioning of prosthetic components
  • Designed to facilitate easy cleaning around the implant collar

Helps you deliver a beautiful, natural-looking and long-lasting result

  • Features SLActive™ Surface Technology
    • 97% survival rate after three years1
    • Higher bone-to-implant contact with SLActive compared with Nanotite after 4 and 8 weeks3
    • Faster implant secondary stability in the early healing period of 2 to 4 weeks after implant placement4
    • Reduced healing times, from 6-8 weeks to 3-4 weeks4
  • Engineered to allow careful soft tissue maintenance in every step of treatment
  • Bone Control Design is engineered to help preserve crestal bone and provide soft tissue stability

1 Nicolau P Clin Implant Dent Relat Res 2011
3 Schwarz J Clin Perio 2010
4 When compared to SLA animal studies

LIT100 - Basic information on the surgical procedure
LIT186 - Implant Selection Guide
LIT241 - Soft Tissue Level Implant Line
LIT097 - Prosthetic Options

Clinical Studies
SDIS Scientific Research Summary

1 K. Fischer, T Stenberg. Prospective 10-year cohort study based on a randomized controlled trial (RCT) on implant-supported full-arch maxillary prostheses. Part 1: sandblasted and acid-etched implants and mucosal tissue. Clin Imp Dent Rel Res. 2011; 1-8