More than efficient. A straightforward and proven procedure.

The Straumann® Soft Tissue Level Implants are designed with nature in mind. They mimic the emergence of a natural tooth, with restorative components that are designed to provide familiarity in the final restoration. Soft Tissue Level implants have a built-in smooth neck that shapes the soft tissue, thus eliminating the need for healing abutments and time-consuming soft tissue management procedures. 

  • Streamlined prosthetic portfolio supported by the implant design
  • Abutment-level impressions make workflows efficient and can minimize the number of patient visits
  • Simple abutment placement due to the connection at soft tissue level
  • Clinical evidence shows high treatment success1,2
  • The internal octagon offers secure and flexible (re)positioning of abutment
  • Morse taper connection for uniform load distribution and a reliable implant-to-abutment joint that prevents rotation
  • Designed for optimal preservation of the crestal bone and soft tissue stability
  • One instrument kit to place any Straumann dental implant – tissue level or bone level
  • One restorative kit for both tissue level and bone level prosthetic components – whether you’re doing a single tooth, multi-unit, or full arch restoration

Designed for one-stage surgery, it avoids the second surgical procedure required to access submerged implants placed at bone level. Paired with a synOcta® Abutment or Straumann Solid Abutment you get a flexible and reliable solution that mimics the most common restorative procedures.

With a broad portfolio of sizes for all indications, Straumann Soft Tissue Level implants are available in two material and surface pairings: Titanium SLA® and a combination of our award winning material and surface technologies Roxolid® and SLActive®. Learn more about our materials and surfaces technologies.

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 “I find the Straumann Soft Tissue Level implant system simple to restore in my practice. The decrease in chair time and increased predictability led to higher profits and the ease of use has made it my favorite implant to place in the posterior region. My experience has been that it is even easier to restore than standard crowns and bridges.” 

- Dr. Robert Margeas, DDS, Des Moines IA, USA

Tissue Level Restorations

synOcta Abutment

Your tissue level solution for screw- or cement-retained crown and bridge tooth restorations. Enjoy a full abutment range of different angles, types and sizes. A prosthetic planning kit lets you try out the abutment on the model, ensuring you have the correct abutment at the time of the final restoration. 

  • Suitable for cement-retained and screw-retained restorations
  • The 8° octa-cone of the Morse taper connection is ideal for reliable vertical positioning
  •  The marriage of taper and octagon combines anti- loosening protection with exact repositionability
  •  Simple impression taking without the abutment
  • Straightforward options for provisionalization
  •  Streamlined prosthetic portfolio for all indications
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Solid Abutment

The cornerstone of the restorative tissue level portfolio is the Straumann Solid Abutment. The Solid Abutment is intended for use in the posterior and anterior regions for cement-retained crown and bridge restorations. Impression taking with the solid abutment is a “snap” with minimal components necessary. 

  • Color-coded system lets users find the corresponding parts with ease
  •  All-In-One sets contain all the components for the final restoration whether it is a single crown or bridge, simplifying inventory management
  •  Morse taper connection for a secure, frictional fit
  •  High quality prosthetic components
  •  Available for Regular Neck (RN) and Wide Neck (WN) implants
  • Various temporary restorations available
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