Bone Level Restorations

Straumann screw-retained hybrid restorations
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Bone Control Design®, CrossFit® Connection and Consistent Emergence Profiles® are design features exclusive to Straumann’s bone level portfolio that work together to deliver secure, predictable results. The combination of these features is designed to achieve the best possible performance of the implant-abutment connection and the overall final restoration.


Screw-Retained Abutment

The new Straumann® Screw-Retained Abutment provides a wide range of prosthetic options for single unit, partially dentate and fixed edentulous restorations. Various angulations and gingival heights offer the flexibility to provide an individual solution for edentulous patients, including restoring posterior-tilted implants.

Reduced complexity without compromise

  • Sleek profile designed to provide optimal tissue management
  • Available for every restorative platform in the Bone Level Implant line
  • Angled abutments offer a choice of 17° and 30° with gingiva heights of 2.5 mm and 4 mm
  • Straight abutments offer a choice of 1 mm, 2.5 mm and 4 mm gingiva heights
  • CrossFit® connection provides precise guidance at assembly ensuring the proper seating of the abutment and the sealed connection features a deep implant-abutment engagement

For final restorations, Straumann also offers CADCAM customized screw-retained frameworks for both implant and abutment-level connections.


LOCATOR® Abutment

The LOCATOR abutment is a flexible treatment option for partially or fully edentulous patients.


  • Divergence compensation up to 40° between two implants
  • Minimum component height for limited occlusal space
  • Dual retention for optimal abutment-denture connection

CrossFit Connection – The Secure Choice

The CrossFit® Connection is designed to ensure a secure and precise fit between Straumann bone level implants and abutments.  Only Straumann has the CrossFit Connection; no other manufacturer has access to this proprietary interface. Each CrossFit element is designed to serve an important purpose

  • The CrossFit Connection supports the distribution of anti-rotational and bending forces
  • The grooves (A) ensure proper seating of the Straumann abutment
  • The cylinder connection supports mechanical stability

Limitations of competitor design

  • Competitor abutments are not designed using Straumann’s precise engineering specifications
  • The square-shaped connection, shown below, provides surface contact with only the protrusions and can undermine security
  • The resulting imprecise fit leaves gaps that can lead to compromised performance

Customers have reported implant and abutment failures when non-Straumann abutments are used with Straumann implants.  Look for the certificate of authenticity and insist your lab uses genuine Straumann components for each case.

plan set

Prior to abutment selection and placement, a comprehensive PLAN set offers intra- and extra-oral planning of all NC and RC abutments. Straumann offers an all-inclusive set for your treatment choice and flexibility.


  • Color-coded, well-marked and easily identifiable PLAN abutments
  • Comprehensive PLAN set contains all PLAN abutments arranged clearly
  • Easy handling with the SCS screwdriver


  • Proper seating of PLAN abutments verified through clear-cut response from the prosthetic connection
  • PLAN abutments fabricated of sterilizable polymer material


The Cementable abutment is the closest handling to a natural tooth prep for your crown restorations.


  •  Flexible impression taking on implant or abutment level
  •  Easy handling of prefabricated copings
  •  Reduce adjustment work (e.g., height adjustment)
  •  Easy choice of components thanks to color-coding
  •  Cementable All-In-One set  (CAIOS) with all components for a crown restoration at bone level


  • CrossFit® Connection delivers a confident and secure connection that can’t be duplicated by other manufacturers
  • Precise fit due to prefabricated components
  • Proper fit of abutment level impression cap verified by clear-cut response


The Anatomic abutment is your choice for an easy-to-achieve esthetic cement-retained crown and bridge solution.


  • Less grinding necessary due to prepared mucosa margin
  • Adaptation to natural soft tissue contour due to prepared mucosa margins in different heights
  • Oval shape resembles emergence profile of a natural tooth


Looking for a stock ceramic solution?  Straumann and Ivoclar Vivadent offer the Straumann Anatomic IPS e.max® Abutment in NC and RC for high-end esthetics and treatment flexibility. 

High-End Esthetics

  • Pre-shaped abutments with prepared mucosa margins help in creating efficient restorations
  • Eliminates visible metal margins, creating natural-looking smiles
  • Highly esthetic results possible even with thin tissue biotypes


  • Designed to modify it chairside
  • A variety of treatment options
  • Available in multiple shades for patient needs


  • Deliver reliable, natural looking results
  • Precision made, prefabricated abutments for consistent results


When a stock solution won’t achieve the desired esthetic result, Straumann CARES® Customized abutments are available in ZrO2 and Ti for delivering natural smiles for patients – and at a fixed cost compared to the fluctuating price of gold. Enjoy screw- or cement-retained restorations for your flexibility.


  • Anatomic emergence profile
  • Fast scan and design process
  • Cost and time savings in dental lab
  • Esthetic solution in thin mucosa (ceramic)
  • Completely digital process through intra-oral impression data transfer to CAD software for abutment design – no models necessary