Implant Restorations

Straumann Restorative Solutions offer a broad customized and stock portfolio to meet your patient's functional and esthetic needs.

Flexible. Simple. Reliable

These three words are the core of Straumann’s diverse restorative solutions portfolio. Tissue level and bone level solutions span the continuum of straightforward solutions (solid abutment, cementable abutment) to customized care through CARES CADCAM abutments, allowing you to select the ideal solution for each individual patient situation.


Color-coding and prosthetic planning kits make it simple to work within implant platforms and select the appropriate abutment for each case.  New digital solutions, such as intra-oral impression scanning, simplify the impression process for the dentist and lab and can help deliver a more precise final restoration.


All-in-one sets are available for both implant platforms and contain all the components for the final restoration in a single kit, simplifying inventory management and ensuring you have the correct components for each case. And regardless of if you’re using tissue level or bone level implants, a single restorative kit contains all the instruments necessary to work with Straumann.


Reliability is a core component of Straumann’s restorative solutions. Only Straumann offers the CrossFit Connection, a sophisticated, yet simple connection for bone level implants and abutments.  The CrossFit grooves ensure proper seating of the abutment – there’s no mistaking the feel and click when the abutment is seated properly and you can avoid sitting the patient for another x-ray!

When you choose Straumann, you’re selecting a solution supported by decades of scientific research so you can feel secure knowing you made a good choice for your patients.  Whatever solution you need – single tooth, fixed prosthesis, ceramic abutment, or a temporary polymer – Straumann’s restorative portfolio is the answer for you and your patients.