Surgical cassette and instruments

Surgical Cassette

One surgical cassette for all implant lines.

The surgical cassette is outlined for secure storage and sterilization of surgical and auxiliary instruments of the Straumann® Dental Implant System. Clear diagrams allow the instruments to be arranged easily in the cassette and assist the user in the surgical sequence. All of the instruments needed for an implantation are available - clearly arranged and ready at hand.

Features & Benefits
  • Clearly arranged surgical cassette
    Sterilizable storage tray with color-coded application pathways and accurate illustrations
  • Screw container
    Separate screw container provides easy access to all required closure screws and healing caps

Surgical Instruments

The following surgical instruments find a place in the Straumann surgical cassette:
  • Drills
    Pilot, twist and profile drills match the implant diameters for precise preparation of the implant bed. They are designed to provide optimal primary and secondary stability. For precise measurement of depth during drilling, the drills have depth markings and a continuous marking between 10 and 12 mm (for the most commonly used implant lengths)
  • Taps
    For prior tapping of the thread and exact atraumatic insertion of the implant into the implant bed
  • Depth gauges
    For checking the depth of drilling
  • Implant adapter
    For safe removal of the implant from the sterile ampoule and ease of insertion
  • Ratchet
    For optimal transmission of force during implant insertion
  • SCS screwdriver
    Screwdriver with integral aspiration protection (Screw Carrying System)
Features & Benefits
  • Standardized surgical procedure
    The surgical procedure is virtually identical for all implant lines of the Straumann Dental Implant System (Exception: no thread-tapping with Tapered Effect Implants)
  • Pre-assembled transfer part
    Only one implant adapter for all implant types
  • Ratchet
    Optimal transmission and control of force while
  • Single patient drills
    Sterile color-coded disposable drill for immediate use
  • Drills
    Due to high quality and optimal cutting geometry, they can be used up to 10 times

Straumann® CARES® Guided Surgery

Straumann® CARES® Guided Surgery product solutions cover 3D planning to guided implant insertion. Learn more


Osteotomes for sinus floor elevation offer the dentist the possibility of elevating the sinus floor in line with the implant diameter when vertical bone in the maxilla is inadequate.

Osteotomes for bone condensation provide the possibility of achieving improved primary stability of the implant in cancellous bone through radial reinforcement of the bone.

Both osteotome types are available in different versions for the corresponding endosteal implant diameters.

Features & Benefits
  • Depth markings and depth stops
    For accurate depth monitoring
  • Straight and angled instruments
    To optimize handling
  • Osteotomes for internal sinus lift
    Enable minimally invasive sinus floor elevation
  • Osteotomes for bone condensation
    To improve primary stability in cancellous bone

Straumann® TiBrush™

Straumann® TiBrush™

TiBrush is indicated for the open debridement of titanium implant surfaces in bone defects caused by peri-implantitis. Straumann TiBrush offers clinicians the following benefits1:

  • Gentle on titanium implant surfaces2
  • More effective and efficient at debriding implant surfaces3
  • Significant reduction in treatment time3
  • Excellent access to implant threads with fine titanium bristles

1 Compared with steel curette
2 Data on file: Bench test of TiBrush™ - P1.245-001V
3 Data on file: Bench test of TiBrush™ - P1.245-008V

iChiropro - iPad Operated Drilling Unit

iChiropro - iPad® Operated Drilling Unit

This new drilling unit, controlled from an iPad® and equipped with some of the best performing instruments on the market paves the way for a new generation of medical appliances. 

  • Pre-programmed operations
  • Multiple users, storage of settings and integrated patient file
  • Micromotor with ceramic ball bearing
  • Contra-angle with irrigation inside the instrument

iPad is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.