More than an implant.  Freedom of choice.

For a natural look and feel. The Straumann® Bone Level Implants are designed with predictability in mind. Our implant material, surface technologies, and broad portfolio of temporary and final abutments offer you the flexibility to meet your patient’s needs.

More than primary stability.  The new tapered standard.

NEW!  Building on the clinically proven features of the Straumann® Bone Level Implant, the Straumann BLT  Implant introduces the powerful combination of Roxolid®, SLActive®, Bone Control Design®, CrossFit® Connection, Consistent Emergence Profiles®, plus a tapered implant body.

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Pleasing esthetic results with Consistent Emergence Profiles®

  • Optimize and simplify, from the healing abutment through the final restoration

Simplified handling with the Crossfit® Connection

  • Provides simple component positioning from impression taking to seating of the final restorative abutments
  • Precision fit of the Crossfit Connection provides long-term mechanical stability for the final restoration

Optimized crestal bone preservation with Bone Control Design®

  • Respects the biological distance and width
  • Optimal position of smooth and rough surface interface
  • Microgap control for both bone and soft tissue level
  • Biomechanical implant design
  • Implant surface osteoconductivity

With a broad portfolio of sizes for all indications, Straumann Bone Level implants are available in two material and surface pairings: Titanium SLA® and a combination of our award winning material and surface technologies Roxolid® and SLActive®.


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Bone Level Restorations

Straumann Bone Level Solutions Feature a portfolio of low-profile straight and angled abutments

The Straumann® Screw-Retained Abutment provides a wide range of prosthetic options for single unit, partially dentate and fixed edentulous restorations. Various angulations and gingival heights offer the flexibility to provide an individual solution for edentulous patients, including restoring posterior-tilted implants.

  • Reduced complexity without compromise
  • Sleek profile designed to provide optimal tissue management
  • Available for every restorative platform in the Straumann Bone Level Implant line
  • Angled abutments offer a choice of 17° and 30° with gingiva heights of 2.5 mm and 4 mm
  • Straight abutments offer a choice of 1 mm, 2.5 mm and 4 mm gingiva heights
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Screw-Retained Bridges and Bars

Straumann® CARES® Screw-Retained Bridges and Bars (SRBB) offer a direct connection to the Straumann implant, delivering a one-piece solution milled to your design specifications.

  • Original Straumann implant-abutment connections
  • Direct placement on implants – no additional abutment required
  • Easy CAD design thanks to the gripper function
  • Flexibility to switch and compare the bar types while designing
  • Titanium grade 4 or cobalt-chromium alloy (coron®) for Straumann implants
  • Wide portfolio of bar designs for Bone Level implants
  • Available for 2-10 implants for bars; 2-16 implants for bridges
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Choices for customizable abutments

There are three Straumann® CARES® CADCAM Abutments to choose from, each providing different qualities with respect to esthetics and efficiency:

Straumann CARES Variobase™ Abutment

1.  A hybrid abutment for high design flexibility. Learn more

Straumann CARES Customized Abutment

2.  Zirconium dioxide abutments for high-end esthetics in the anterior region. Learn more

3.  Titanium abutments for esthetics in the posterior region. Learn more

Corssfit® Connection -- The right choice for quality

Only Straumann offers the precision of the Crossfit Connection; no other manufacturer has access to this proprietary interface.

Advantages of the Straumann design

  • Delivers prosthetic flexibility and stability through its deep conical connection
  • The Crossfit grooves are designed to ensure proper seating of the Straumann abutment
  • Engages the abutment and screw so that an additional x-ray isn't needed, saving time and money for the patient
  • Designed to prevent rotation
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Limitations of competitor design

  • Competitor abutments are not manufactured using Straumann’s precise engineering specifications
  • The square-shaped connection provides surface contact with only the protrusions and can undermine secure fit
  • The resulting imprecise fit leaves gaps that can lead to compromised performance

Customers have reported implant and abutment failures when non-Straumann abutments are used with Straumann implants.  Look for the certificate of authenticity and insist your lab uses genuine Straumann components.


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