Straumann Bone Level Implant Platform

True to Straumann’s commitment to quality, 1,500 Bone Level Implants were clinically documented in over 800 patients by more than 130 centers worldwide before the product ever came to market.

Discover what we mean by, “Confidence at Bone Level”

Experience confidence in implant therapy with Straumann’s bone level implant portfolio.  Our implant material, surface technologies, and broad portfolio of temporary and final abutments offer you the flexibility to meet your patient’s needs.  Prosthetic components are color-coded by implant platform to simplify the procedure and all abutments are available for both implant platforms. 


NEW!  Building on the clinically proven features of the Straumann® Bone Level Implant, the Straumann BLT  Implant introduces the powerful combination of Roxolid®, SLActive®, Bone Control Design®, CrossFit® Connection, Consistent Emergence Profiles®, plus a tapered implant body.

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1. High confidence and treatment predictability with SLActive® surface technology

  • 97% survival rate after three years1
  • Higher bone-to-implant contact with SLActive compared with Nanotite after 4 and 8 weeks3
  • Faster implant secondary stability in the early healing period of 2 to 4 weeks after implant placement4
  • Reduced healing times, from 6-8 weeks to 3-4 weeks4

1 Nicolau P Clin Implant Dent Relat Res 2011
3 Schwarz J Clin Perio 2010
4 When compared to SLA animal studies

2. Designed to deliver great, long-lasting smiles

Crestal bone preservation with Bone Control Design™
  • Horizontal offset of the implant shoulder keeps the microgap away from the bone
  • SLActive® surface facilitates osseointegration
  • Conical connection provides bacterial seal and minimizes sensitivity to lateral forces
  • Excellent fatigue strength and force transmission5
Excellent soft tissue management through Consistent Emergence Profile™
  • Consistent Emergence from healing to temporization to the final restoration is designed to provide an optimal esthetic result


5 Data on file

3. Easy to use

  • Same surgical kit
  • Same prosthetic kit
  • Same instruments

4. The CrossFit® Connection delivers simple handling and assurance that the abutment is seated properly

  • Delivers prosthetic flexibility and stability through its deep conical connection
  • The CrossFit grooves are designed to ensure proper seating of the Straumann abutment
  • Engages the abutment and screw so that an additional x-ray isn't needed, saving time and money for the patient
  • Designed to prevent rotation
  • No other manufacturer has the CrossFit connection – Don’t be fooled!