Straumann® Guided Implants

Soft Tissue Level and Bone Level Guided implants and mucosa punches complement the Straumann Guided Surgery Instrument Kit. The Straumann Guided Implants are compatible with the same guided surgery software as the guided instrument kit and help to perform minimally invasive surgery. The guided implants are designed to allow for a precise procedure by fully guided implant insertion through the surgical template.

Straumann® Roxolid® SLActive® guided implants portfolio*

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*Only select Straumann implants are available as guided implants

Mucosa Punches with Sleeves

Implant with Stop Key


  • Fully guided implant insertion through surgical templates containing Straumann Ø 5.0 mm sleeves
  • Guided implant mount is pre-mounted and is firmly attached to the implant
  • Physical (with stop key) and visual depth control