More than prosthetics. Delivering confidence.

The difference is obvious.  Original Straumann components deliver the time-tested performance and reliability that you can build your dental business around.

Compatible isn’t original.

We developed the exact dimensions, tolerances and materials of Straumann implants and their corresponding prosthetic components. No other company has access to Straumann’s precise design and engineering specifications, and cannot optimally recreate the harmonized Straumann implant-abutment connection.

Benefits of Using
Genuine Components

1. Minimize peak stresses with conical screw head

2. Precise guidance at assembly with radial contact surfaces (screw and abutment)

3. Sealed connection due to conical implant-abutment interface

4. Stability from the deep implant-abutment engagement

Differences in Connection Design.

If you look at the cross section of the Straumann CrossFit Connection versus the compatible components, there’s much more contact within the Straumann implant than the compatible components.

It’s in the Science.

Recent publications highlight the importance of using original Straumann prosthetics.

Removal torque value after cyclic loading1

  1. Straumann® SLA® RN 4.1 – Straumann® Solid abutment
  2. Straumann® SLA® RN 4.1 – Lifecore® Biomedical Inc. Restore RDS COC abutment
  3. Straumann® SLA® RN 4.1 – Neobiotech® Neoplant solid abutment
  4. Straumann® SLA® RN 4.1 – Osstem AVANA solid abutment

The abutments were connected to the implants at 35 Ncm before loading. The original Straumann connection shows the highest removal torque* after cyclic loading reflecting the smallest effect of screw loosening.

* Results for Straumann abutments on Straumann implants are statistically different from those with non-original parts.

Mean rotational misfit2

  1. Straumann® BL NC 3.3 Roxolid® – Straumann® CARES® Ti abutment
  2. Straumann® BL NC 3.3 Roxolid® – Astra Tech ATLANTIS™ Ti abutment
  3. NobelReplace® Straight™ 3.4 NP – NobelProcera™ Abutment Ti
  4. Astra Tech OsseoSpeed™ TX 3.5 S – Astra Tech ATLANTIS ™ Ti abutment

The original Straumann connection shows the smallest rotational misfit.*

* All pairwise comparisons are statistically significantly different (p < .05)

Is it Straumann?  how to tell.

A variety of tools are available to identify Straumann original components.

Reach our customer service department Monday-Friday, 8 AM – 8 PM EST by calling 800/448 8168.

Straumann® CARES® CADCAM products ship directly from our manufacturing facility detailing the material composition of the product, leaving no doubt to the authenticity of the product.  The lab receives a copy that they can mail to the dentist for the patient’s record keeping as well. To the left is a sample of the material composition sticker.

"There are many studies out there to show if they would use compatible components that are not authentic, it could lead to problems such as screw loosening, micromovement, microgaps, bacterial contamination, which could ultimately lead to bone loss, abutment failure or implant failure."
– Dr. David Feinerman

Straumann Quality

We never compromise on quality. We invest in the most advanced machines to deliver exceptional quality products.

  • 4.2 and 6.7 ton milling machines are virtually vibration free
  • Each production line processes one material, in one machine, with one milling strategy to ensure the highest quality results
  • 4 and 5 simultaneously operating axes create flawless components
  • Every product undergoes rigorous QC along each step of the process

Number of study publications and peer-reviewed publications on Straumann products

The Straumann Guarantee®

The Straumann Guarantee delivers peace of mind for dental professionals and their patients.

  • Lifetime guarantee for implants*
  • 10-year guarantee for metal restorations*
  • 5-year guarantee for ceramic restorations*

Learn more by downloading the form.  

*Terms and conditions apply.

1 Kim SK, Koak JY, Heo SJ, Taylor TD, Ryoo S, Lee SY. Screw loosening with interchangeable abutments in internally connected implants after cyclic loading. Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants. 2012 Jan-Feb;27(1):42-7.

2 Gigandet M, Bigolin G, Faoro F, Bürgin W, Brägger U. Implants with original and non-original abutment connections. Clin Implant Dent Relat Res. 2014 Apr;16(2):303-11. Epub 2012 Jul 16.