More than an implant. A sense of trust.

Patients today are more aware of their options when it comes to tooth replacement. Partner with an implant company that aligns with your philosophy and give your patients peace of mind.

The Straumann® Dental Implant System is designed to support you by providing more treatment options for your patients, building on a history of pioneering innovations in implant dentistry supported by reliable scientific evidence. 

For a natural look and feel. The Straumann® Bone Level Implants are designed with predictability in mind. Proven crestal bone preservation to give you confidence for the long- term. 

The Straumann® Screw-Retained Abutment provides a wide range of prosthetic options for single unit, partially dentate and fixed edentulous restorations. Various angulations and gingival heights offer the flexibility to provide an individual solution for edentulous patients, including restoring posterior-tilted implants.

The Crossfit® Connection is designed to ensure a secure and precise fit between Straumann bone level implants and abutments.

The Straumann® Soft Tissue Level Implants are designed with nature in mind. They mimic the emergence of a natural tooth, with restorative components that are designed to provide familiarity in the final restoration. 

The cornerstone of the restorative tissue level portfolio is the Solid Abutment, offering dentists a smooth transition to implant dentistry for its similarity to a natural tooth prep. 

The synOcta® Abutment is your tissue level solution for screw- or cement-retained crown and bridge restorations. Enjoy a full abutment range of different angles, types and sizes. 

Straumann® implants are available in two material and surface pairings: Titanium SLA® and a combination of our award winning material and surface technologies Roxolid® and SLActive®.

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NEW! The Straumann Dental Implant System now includes the Straumann Bone Level Tapered Implant. This new implant is designed to deliver primary stability in all bone classes making them ideal for immediate placement and loading1 even in challenging protocols.

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The Straumann® Dental Implant system offers you and your patients efficient and esthetic implant-borne restorations on both soft tissue and bone level.

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1 When good primary stability is achieved.

Surface Technology

All Straumann® implants are equipped with our innovative SLActive® and our reliable SLA® surface.

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It’s so important for you and your patients that you stick with Straumann on Straumann throughout the treatment process.

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