Straumann® PrefGel®

Effective yet gentle removal of the “smear layer” that can hamper periodontal healing

Straumann® PrefGel is a pH neutral, 24% EDTA root surface conditioner intended for topical application onto exposed root surfaces during periodontal surgery.

Straumann® PrefGel offers an effective, yet gentle removal of the "smear layer" during periodontal surgical procedures. Mechanical debridement of a root surface inevitably produces a smear layer, which in turn may prevent or retard periodontal healing.

Straumann® PrefGel is contained in a 0.6 ml sterilized syringe. It comes packaged in a box of 5 syringes or co-packaged with Straumann® Emdogain (3 units of Straumann® Emdogain and 3 syringes of Straumann® PrefGel).

Root surface conditioning with Straumann® PrefGel

Remove any plaque and/or calculus as well as blood from the root surfaces exposed during periodontal surgery.

Apply Straumann® PrefGel onto exposed root surfaces for 2 minutes. Active rubbing ("burnishing") is not recommended.

Rinse thoroughly with sterile saline.

Avoid recontamination of the conditioned root surfaces after the final rinse and prior to treatment with Straumann® Emdogain.

After application, discard any residual gel.