Straumann® Bone Block Fixation

Straumann® Bone Block Fixation is used to stabilize and fixate bone grafts and bone filling materials for the regeneration of bone in the oral cavity. The bone grafting fixation technique is designed to allow for the placement of dental implants in previously unsuitable sites.

The technique
Implant placement is sometimes not possible due to insufficient bone volume at the desired implant site. In these cases, bone must be regenerated. Recent advances in GBR techniques provide solutions for bone augmentation to meet the requirements for successful implant placement.

This bone block fixation set is a modified Guided Bone Regeneration system with the proven quality of the Straumann® Dental Implant System.

Small and compact, the Straumann® Bone Block Fixation set consists of a practical cassette that holds all the necessary instruments, drills, and screws you need for your bone block fixation procedures.

The mini-screws have a diameter of 1.5 mm and are available in lengths of 8.0 mm, 10.0 mm, 12.0 mm and 14.0 mm for fixation of bone blocks of all shapes and sizes.

Residual ridge before augmentation
Note how the severely resorbed, residual ridge makes implant placement impossible.

Drilling of the glide hole (Ø 1.5 mm) and the residual ridge hole (Ø 1.25 mm) in a harvested bone block
A glide hole is made in the bone block with the Ø 1.5 mm glide hole drill, and the ridge hole is made with the Ø 1.25 mm residual ridge drill. A diameter of 1.25 mm is used for the residual ridge to maximize the self-cutting capacity of the screws and to enhance screw-holding ability. It is important to ensure that the glide holes and the ridge holes are aligned.

Additional holes are drilled in the residual ridge to induce bleeding from the spongious bone, which aids in stimulating bone regeneration.


Removal of the screws from the cassette with the screw-holding device

The removal of the screws is facilitated by the screw-holding device of the screwdriver. The screw is mechanically connected to the screwdriver blade to increase security and stability during screw placement.


Fixation of the bone block using the screws

Placement of autogenous bone, bone substitute, and membrane

It is recommended to place autogenous bone directly in contact with the bone block. The remaining volume can be filled with Straumann® BoneCeramic, which is then covered with a barrier membrane suitable for Guided Bone Regeneration.

Final situation showing how the bone has regenerated allowing implant placement

6 to 9 months after the bone block fixation ridge augmentation procedure, the screws are removed and sufficient bone volume for implant placement is expected to be available