Regeneration solutions

Straumann provides a complete portfolio of oral tissue regenerative solutions for various treatment situations – whether you are saving your patient’s tooth or replacing it with a dental implant.  

Tissue Regeneration

Straumann Emdogain™
is a protein-based gel designed to promote predictable regeneration of lost periodontal hard and soft tissue, helping to save and stabilize teeth.

Bone Graft Solutions

Straumann offers a broad range of bone grafting materials.

NEW! Straumann® Membrane Flex™
A collagen membrane that provides flexibility and strength in an easy-to-handle, easy-to-suture barrier for soft tissue support and graft containment.

NEW! Straumann® Membrane Plus™
A rigid collagen membrane that enhances graft stabilization and bone growth by providing soft tissue support and space maintenance over a predictable time frame.

NEW! Straumann® XenoGraft
Its slow resorption rate delivers extended stability—a critical advantage in cases that require a strong scaffold for long-term tissue support or esthetic needs.

Straumann® AlloGraft
Most similar to patients’ own bone and provides natural bone regeneration.

Straumann® BoneCeramic™
Fully synthetic and designed to regenerate patients’ own vital bone while providing volume preservation.

Straumann Bone Block Fixation®
Stabilizes and fixates grafts and filling materials for the regeneration of bone.