Fewer Steps to a n!ce® Smile

Straumann has redefined the boundaries of tooth replacement for dental professionals and their patients.

Our newest innovation, Straumann® n!ce®, is a proprietary glass-ceramic material that combines biocompatible and esthetic materials to create fully crystallized milling blocks for natural looking CAD/CAM restorations.

Meet and exceed patient expectations

Count on Straumann’s reliability and quality to help you create nice smiles for many years to come.

Customize Every Smile:

  • Available for single-tooth restorations: Inlays, onlays, veneers, partial crowns and crowns; CARES ZrO2 and Ti abutments (excludes Ti bases)3
  • Excellent mechanical properties ≥ 350 MPa
  • Can be stained and glazed
  • No post-mill sintering required. Ground, polish, and seat immediately - saving time and money!
  • Restorations can be seated using adhesive or self-adhesive cementation
  • High Translucency and Low Translucency
  • Multiple shades - A1, A2, A3, B2, B4, and C2 (VITA classic shade guide).

Finally, a nice smile made easy – Choose Your Own Workflow

Centralized Milling:

  • Fully Crystalized – Just Polish and Send
  • No Mill - Scan & Shape; No additional investment: Save space, time and money with centralized milling
  • No changes to your software of workflow
Mill Your Own Crowns:
  • Fully Crystalized – Mill, Polish, and Seat or Send
  • Create even nicer smiles – Mill, Polish, Stain & Glaze, and Seat or Send
  • Available in C14 size blocks
  • Save time and money on posterior cases (saves you 30 minutes)4
  • SPECIAL OFFER: Receive 20% off your next order of n!ce blocks! 20% applies to an order of Straumann n!ce® 5-packs. Offer valid until August 31, 2017. Limited 1 per customer. Contact your local Straumann Representative to redeem this special offer.
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It’s n!ce to mill a smile

1 CEREC® Milling or Straumann M Series (coming soon).
2 Use suitable cementation systems for lithium-disilicate glass-ceramic only. Instructions for use of the cement manufacturer must be followed. 
3 Restorations on Variobase available in Canada only
4 Specific to crystallization firing, which is required for IPS e.max® CAD
*According to ISO 6872

Choose your Workflow:

For labs using Straumann Centralized Milling:

Try One on US - Free!
Order one n!ce restoration and receive full credit for the purchase price on your statement. Available through Straumann® CARES®, Dental Wings Soft ware, 3Shape Software, and Straumann® Scan & Shape service.**

**Offer valid until July 31.  Offer is limited to 1 per customer

Milling your own crowns?

Mill your own crowns? n!ce is also available in C14 size blocks. Just mill, polish and seat fully crystallized material. Receive 20% off your next order of n!ce blocks.*** 

***20% applies to an order of Straumann n!ce® 5-packs. Offer valid until September 30, 2017. Limited 1 per customer. 

n!ce Results

Images courtesy of Dr. Tang

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