In order to meet the growing educational requirements of the dental community, Straumann invests considerably to provide high-quality courses in cooperation with the ITI and various universities around the world. This offering includes a comprehensive range of education courses at all levels and across all specializations in all countries where our products are sold.

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Status Date Description Country City Level
Open 10/02/2014 - 03/06/2015 The New Dental Implant Continuum: A 4 Module Comprehensive University Based Implant Educational Program - Module 1 United States Dallas Advanced
Open 10/03/2014 - 10/04/2014 Implant Dentistry in the Digital World: Working and Succeeding Together For info, visit United States Louisville Advanced
booked out 10/03/2014 ITI's 5th Consensus Conference Program Evidence Based Clinical Recommendations United States Andover Basic Straightforward
Open 10/07/2014 The Use of Enamel Matrix Derivative in Hard and Soft Tissue Regeneration - WEBEX United States . Basic Straightforward
Open 10/08/2014 - 10/11/2014 Pacific Dental Implant Surgical Continuum United States San Francisco Advanced
Open 10/08/2014 Professor Daniel Buser - Implant Surgical Placement and Tissue Grafting Workshop: Surgical Implant Placement Cadaver Course United States Wayne Advanced
Open 10/10/2014 3D Guided Implantology: Total Integration from Start to Finish The Value of Precision United States Washington Advanced
Open 10/17/2014 Predictable Dental Implant Results: Emphasis on Regenerative Therapies and Digital Workflow United States Escondido Advanced
Open 10/17/2014 - 10/18/2014 The Art, Science and Business of Clinical Implant Practice: Precision, Productivity and Profitability of Implant Dentistry United States Dallas Advanced
Open 10/18/2014 - 12/08/2014 Comprehensive Implant Dentistry Training Program: “Gearing Towards A Comprehensive & Competent, Contemporary Dental Implant Practice” United States Diamond Bar Straightforward

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*SAC Classification
Straight Forward Level Advanced Level Complex Level
Surgery – adequate bone volume, placement of 2 implants in the mandible, treatment of large tooth gaps and single-tooth replacement where esthetics are not a factor Surgery – placement of 4 or more implants in the mandible, single tooth replacement in the esthetic zone, with or without simultaneous bone augmentation (GBR) Surgery – comprehensive gap treatment in esthetically complex regions with simultaneous augmentation (GBR), implantation procedure for fixed reconstructions in the edentulous maxilla, immediate implantation, all two-stage augmentation techniques
Prosthetics – treatment of the mandible with bar prostheses or stud-retained prostheses, gap treatment and single tooth replacement where esthetics are not a factor Prosthetics – fixed prostheses in the edentulous mandible supported by 4 or more implants, partially removable prostheses in the edentulous mandible, single tooth replacement in the esthetic zone, bar prostheses in the edentulous maxilla Prosthetics – comprehensive gap treatment and single tooth replacement in esthetically complex regions, fixed prostheses in the edentulous maxilla, immediate placement of implants