Continuing Education

It is Straumann’s mission to be the benchmark in our industry for professional training and continuing development for all our customers worldwide.

Training at all skill levels

Based on our commitment to you and to your patients, it is our goal to offer a comprehensive continuous education program in the surgical and restorative areas with the latest technology available. This covers all aspects from tooth preservation, regeneration to implant and tooth borne restoration with the latest technology available. Our course program aims to address all specializations and skill levels in these areas.

If you are interested in participating in our training and education program, search for our courses online.  

OUr education partners


A unique partnership leading to significant advances in dentistry

Established in 1980, the International Team for Implantology (ITI) has become one of the largest independent academic organizations in implant dentistry and the related field of tissue regeneration. Over the past 30 years its unique partnership with Straumann has led to many technological and therapeutic advances in the field and has created a platform from which to disseminate evidence-based educational principles to a constantly growing professional audience. The ITI takes an active role in education, funding of research, and the organization and support of its country Sections, while Straumann has responsibility for developing, manufacturing, marketing and selling its products.

In 2010 the ITI launched their ITI Study Club Initiative, an efficient platform from which to disseminate and exchange knowledge on the latest treatment approaches in implant dentistry. Since their introduction in 2010, more than 500 ITI Study Clubs have been established around the world and the number is still growing. Each ITI Study Club offers three to four meetings per year and the groups remain small, with a maximum of 30 members. This allows for interactive discussion of aspects of treatment planning, procedures, handling of complications and aspects of practice management and practice building. The opportunity to become an ITI Study Club Director and form an ITI Study Club is open to all ITI

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What is SMILe?

The SMILe (Straumann® Modular Interactive Learning) program
is designed to provide dentists with straight forward restorative education for implant-supported restorative care. The program is supported by a wide range of organizational tools:

  • Program Manual
  • Straight Forward Restorative Education Multimedia DVD Series
  • Restorative Hands-On Materials
  • Patient Education
What are the key objectives?
  • Recognize the key indicators and patient selection criteria for dental implant treatment
  • Understand diagnostic & treatment planning principles for the restoration of dental implants
  • Develop the hands-on skills necessary to restore the Straumann Dental Implant System
  • Understand the business of implant dentistry (practice management for implant services)


What are the Digital Dentistry Education Centers?

Straumann has partnered with many Universities in North America to establish Digital Dentistry Education Centers. These centers consist of Institutions who are digitally minded and forward thinking in their approach to dentistry. They are spread across North America to provide regional access for our customers who are interested in taking courses to advance their knowledge about the digital dentistry chain. Together with the ITI and other Corporate Partners including Deka Laser and Cadent, these courses are designed to provide the dental team- Surgeon, Restorative and Lab Technician with an overview of the digital dentistry chain, how it's connected and how to work with your team using digital technology. In addition to team driven education courses provided at these centers, they will be able to educate their dental students on the links in the digital chain.

Spear Education

Spear Study Clubs are specialist-led, small learning groups designed to help dentists come together to learn from and with each other. Developed to encourage ongoing learning among specialists and general practitioners, Spear Study Clubs foster interdisciplinary relationships and lead to better treatment planning for patients, as well as practice growth for members and leaders.

What makes Spear Study Clubs unique is the integration of solid, evidence-based clinical instruction and online learning into an all-inclusive turnkey program that is easy to implement. We provide a complete leadership solution that invites interdisciplinary collaboration and delivers benefits to both specialists and general practitioners.

A specialist leader carefully selects six to 10 doctors and complementary specialists who seek to advance their treatment planning skills and raise their level of confidence in doing more significant dentistry.

As a member of a Spear Study Club, you will dedicate yourself to the development of higher levels of clinical, diagnostic and treatment-planning skills, and continue your journey to Great Dentistry.

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ICIT - Institute for Comprehensive Implant Therapy

ICIT’s mission is to make clinicians comfortable with cutting edge therapies and their integration in to everyday clinical practice.

The Institute for Comprehensive Implant Therapy is dedicated to providing a meaningful educational experience in a friendly accommodating environment. Courses combine live surgical observation, lecture material, round table discussion and hands on cadaver exercises, are unique in dental continuing education. As an education partner, Straumann supports these hands-on courses through the offering of hands-on materials.

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