More than an education program. Delivering knowledge through science and dental industry leaders.

We deliver exceptional continuing education sessions through a diverse team of key opinion leaders that addresses various dental specialties. Our content is anchored by the latest science and research so you can confidently implement the information we present in your daily clinical and laboratory settings.

Today’s dental community is diverse; the educational needs of the community are constantly changing when you consider demographics and the increasing prevalence of digital technology in the daily dental practice. Straumann invests considerably in evidence-based education to provide high-quality courses to meet the changing needs of dental professionals. Our offering includes a comprehensive range of education courses for the dental community from students to experienced specialists alike.

  • Evidenced- based education 
  • Key industry leaders across various dental disciplines deliver hundreds of courses annually
  • Partnerships with industry experts including ITI®, Spear, ICIT Education and 3rd party Universities
  • State-of-the-art education and manufacturing facility
  • The SAC classification system helps dental practitioners to identify the degree of complexity and potential risk involved in individual cases. Learn More

Continuing Education Courses


Education Partners

Established in 1980, the International Team for Implantology (ITI) has become one of the largest academic organizations in implant dentistry and related disciplines. The ITI takes an active role in education and funding research in implant dentistry.

ITI Highlights:

  • ITI Study Clubs, open to dental professionals everywhere 
  • The ITI Treatment Guides, show the practitioner step by step how to address different clinical situation
  • The ITI Online Academy, an e-Learning platform, offers a wide-range of educational modules, recorded lectures, clinical videos, case studies to dental professionals at all education and experience levels

Enroll in the online academy and begin earning CE’s today!

Learn more about the ITI’s diverse platform :

Spear Education 

Spear Study Clubs are designed to help specialists and general practitioners collaborate in an all-inclusive, easy-to-run model integrating solid, evidence-based clinical instruction and online learning.

  • Spear Study Clubs lead to increased clinical skills, better treatment planning, practice growth for members and leaders, and a higher level of care for patients
  • Member benefits include guided learning modules based on real-life cases, a Spear seminar during the club’s first year, and membership to Spear Digital Suite’s online learning platform
  • Six to 10 GPs and specialists learn and grow in a supportive, interdisciplinary learning environment, establishing a solid interdisciplinary network within the doctors’ own community.

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