Keeping your teeth and surrounding tissues healthy

Many adults, young and old, suffer from gum disease and gum recession.
Good dental hygiene may prevent your teeth from coming loose

Preventing LOOSE TEETH

It’s important to identify and treat gum disease and gum recession early. Left unchecked, the situation can worsen to a point where the root becomes unprotected and teeth may loosen or fall out.

Things you should know
If you have uncontrolled diabetes, wounds that do not heal, are taking high doses of steroids, are taking an anticoagulant (blood thinner), have a bone disease, being treated with radiation or other treatments which make it hard for you to fight an infection, or have experienced problems in the past after surgery, these conditions might present a risk for you. These conditions are not related to Emdogain, but can be associated with oral surgery. Please consult with your doctor to see if Emdogain is right for you.

There is a slight chance you may experience an allergic reaction - if you do, contact your doctor.

Emdogain works best if you follow your doctor's instructions about oral hygiene.