Join us for world-class presentations on digital restorative dentistry from ITI Fellow Dr. German Gallucci and leading technicians Mike Peterson, Chris Peterson and Chris May.  Straumann ballroom presentations are always free of charge and speakers are available for Q&A following their presentations. RSVP for these courses »

Dr. German Gallucci
Fellow, International Team for Implantology (ITI)

From Treatment Planning to the Final CAD/CAM Crown: Driving Digital Dentistry with Your Referrals

Speaker: Dr. German Gallucci; Fellow, International Team for Implantology (ITI)

NBC Credits: 1.0 Hours

Time: 10 AM and 2 PM

Description: Rapid developments in dental digital technology are changing the way we approach treatment planning and restorative dentistry. Technicians who embrace this change can maximize their opportunity to be at the center of treatment planning and drive prosthetic-driven implant planning. This presentation will focus on the collaborative approach to interdisciplinary digital dentistry, evaluating implant-prosthetic protocols, and how to incorporate the digital workflow to achieve optimal esthetic results and gain efficiency.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the crown-down philosophy of restorative dentistry from an intra-oral impression and CAD/CAM technology perspective
  • TEAM approach to incorporate dental digital technology
  • Understand the workflow between the lab and the dental office for digital intra-oral impressions

Mike Peterson, CDT
Chris Peterson, CDT

Completing the Digital Workflow for Customized Abutments

Speakers: Mike Peterson, CDT and Chris Peterson, CDT

NBC Credits: 0.5 hours

Time:  8:00 AM and repeating hourly, with the last presentation beginning at 3:00 PM


Description:  Delivering precise, beautiful customized abutments to the clinician on time is paramount to customer satisfaction and repeat orders. Incorporating digital workflows can lead to new efficiencies, and cost and time savings within the laboratory. Mike Peterson, CDT and Chris Peterson, CDT will guide fellow technicians through the benefits of authentic Straumann® CARES® Customized Abutments from A-Z, focusing on the workflow for digital impressions and customized abutment design for improved efficiency and precision. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize proprietary design factors of Straumann’s customized abutments that are designed to provide for a secure implant to abutment fit, offering confidence and predictability
  • Importing and working with Align iTero® digital impression files to design customized abutments
  • Scanbody techniques for precise customized abutment restorations
  • Tissue management for ideal esthetic results

Chris May

Precision, Efficiency, and Esthetics: Tooth-Borne Restorations

Speaker: Chris May, CDT

NBC Credits: 0.5 hours

Time: 8:30 AM and repeating hourly, with the last presentation beginning at 3:30 PM

Description: CAD/CAM restorations are increasingly in demand for various reasons, from improved esthetics to greater efficiencies. A broad portfolio of monolithics, ceramics, metals, and polymers are available through the Straumann® CADCAM platform for temporary or final restorations.  Chris May, CDT, shares his secrets of success for gaining efficiencies in his lab and growing his business through the precision, efficiency and esthetics of Straumann’s materials portfolio with his case examples.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the esthetic demands of restorative dentistry
  • Scan and design provisional restorations
  • Obtain proper shading on CAD/CAM materials
  • Gain incremental revenue through the CAD/CAM workflow and material efficiencies