Straumann CARES System 7.0

Straumann CARES System 7.0 is a leading open standard software platform: a major step for digital dentistry. 

Following a successful debut at 2012 Lab Day Chicago on Feburary 24, 2012,  Straumann is pleased to announce the availability of Straumann CARES System 7.0, an open standard software platform designed to offer flexibility, connectivity, and reduce your overall investment risk.

Precision Guaranteed*, Flexibility Included

Flexibility, high-quality prosthetic elements, and strong technical support are key components for a CADCAM System.  As a standard, yet open system, Straumann® CARES® System 7.0 offers users full flexibility to choose their workflow through a single system. 

Straumann CARES Visual 7.0 Validated Workflow

Straumann CARES Visual 7.0 Validated Workflow

High Precision through Validated Workflow

The validated workflow provides direct access to precise, high-quality Straumann materials and restorations through Straumann’s centralized milling facilities and pre-set design parameters. 

Precisely milled materials in zirconium dioxide, IPS e.max® CAD, 3M™ ESPE™ Lava™ Ultimate Restorative, titanium, and more material choices from Straumann CARES are only available through the validated workflow offering.  Specific applications within the Straumann CARES System 7.0 validated workflow include:

  • Straumann CARES Customized abutments 
  • Straumann CARES Screw-retained bars and bridges 
  • Straumann CARES Crown and bridge restorative dentistry
Straumann CARES Prosthetics

Straumann CARES Prosthetics

Insertion of axis definition in the External Workflow

Flexibility through External Workflow

The external (open) workflow offers users full flexibility through open STL files to send data to the millling center of their choice for the material type of their choice.  Different software modules based on DWOS* (Dental Wings Open Software) include modules for partials, and your abutment and crown and bridge needs.

The my.Straumann® CARES® desktop features user-friendly tiles and ‘app’s’ that lets the technician choose which digital platform to work in. Main tiles include:

  • Straumann CARES Products and Services
  • Straumann CARES Guided Surgery
  • Straumann CARES Visual Validated Workflow
  • Straumann CARES Visual External Workflow 

The my.Straumann CARES Desktop

Through products & services, customers can track current orders and find a detailed order history.  Also,  technicians can immediately connect with our trained CDT’s for real-time technical support on cases and receive software updates when they become available.

To learn more about how Straumann CARES System 7.0 complements the digital dentistry workflow, visit our Digital Solutions page, or contact your local representative today.


*For validated workflow only. Precision is understood as the match of restoration with design data provided by the dental technician.