NEW with the CARES® X-Stream™ solution…

CARES® X-Stream™ restorative offerings through CARES® Visual 8.8 adds Straumann® Variobase™ Abutment to the portfolio.

CARES® customers (CARES® Visual 8.0 and higher) have access to an implant-based single-tooth, full prosthetic restoration with only 1 scan and design procedure. All components are shipped together, optimizing processing steps and allowing reduced turnaround time and cost.

Significant time and cost saving for increased productivity and profitability
  • Streamline the workflow and reduce turnaround time through only one scan and design step for all required components for a single-tooth implant-borne restoration
  • One shipment with all prosthetic components
Fast application, easy cementation management and ideal soft tissue support
Excellent fit of the delivered components
  • Delivered without any visible marginal gap and homogenous cement gap
  • Pre-set software parameters and algorithms
Constant and re-producible quality
  • Controlled design and milling environment
  • Renowned material supplier
Available in these Straumann® CARES® materials:

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